Marvel and hammers (a birthday list update)

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My son (now age 5) asks Alexa “how many days until October 12th” at least four times a week.

Today Alexa answered with her typically calm and exasperation-free voice:

“October the 12th 2022 is in 187 days.”

So soon! He made sure to write out his latest birthday list. Similar to asking Alexa how many days until his birthday several times a week, he also feels the need to have a fresh copy of his birthday list newly written at least one or two times per month.

This time the list had handy boxes for “checking things off like a checklist”.

img 9674
The current list of four items: Mobilio building set, Marvel 2 Legos, archeology-like “dinosaur dig” kit, Venom mini-figures
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One additional item on the back of the list: 10 “gravity grenades”. Also the name of who wants them clearly written on each side of the page in case you picked it up from a different angle 🤯

Not surprisingly, writing out birthday lists has been an excellent way to learn handwriting and spelling as there is zero hesitation when Spiderman or really anything Marvel is involved. We also tend to draw what he wants as well, so he’s getting drawing practice along the way too.

img 9676
Big venom and little venom
img 9677
Big carnage and little carnage

Where is the school of Marvel? I have a student ready to enroll.

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  1. Very impressive pictures. Obviously takes after his father!

    1. Ha! He loves to draw so if I have a small part to play in that and nothing else, I’ll be happy about that. 😊

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