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  • Three years in Scotland

    Three years in Scotland

    Today marks three years to the day that moved from the states and started our new life in Scotland. It’s been…an interesting experience. I would say it’s been beautiful and rough and full of strong contrasts, just like Scotland’s people, countryside, weather, food, and everything else I’ve experienced here. I thought I’d look back by […]

  • From Permafrosted to permamuddy

    From Permafrosted to permamuddy

    Take care of things close to home first. Straighten up your room before you save the world. Then save the world.

  • Double-down


    Last week marked a year and three months since we’ve been in Scotland. It also marked the second birthday for our son Sam in Scotland, as well as living through a complete “cycle” of seasons in our new home now that we’re fully in autumn and summer is behind us. We’ve no longer just arrived. […]

  • First solo bike ride in a long time

    First solo bike ride in a long time

    I finally got the new bike out today for a decent enough distance (8.5 miles) on both road and trail. Short but sweet. I was able to see a new bit of my running trail I hadn’t seen previously (the Strathkelvin trail).

  • Notes from Islay and Jura

    Notes from Islay and Jura

    Took a trip over to Islay and Jura with my Dad last week for a few days, which was a fittings cap for his trip here during the month of February. Here are some notes and pics. Islay and Jura are isles (islands) off the west coast of Scotland known for the number of distilleries […]

  • What I learned last week (#61)

    What I learned last week (#61)

    Learned last week: get started by pretending, mental models in space, university subscriptions, and more.

  • What I learned last week (#60)

    What I learned last week (#60)

    Learned last week: St Andrews is cold, the power of great feedback, concierge car buying, and more.

  • Notes from St Andrews

    Notes from St Andrews

    Spent 72 hours in St Andrews with my Dad and the family last week, here are some notes: The golf courses (there are seven that are part of St Andrews courses) the club houses, the Royal and Ancient club, and the British Golf Museum are all iconic and of course a must see for anyone […]