Drawing of a microwave on a counter with the text "Heating My Lunch"
Drawing of me describing how I need to heat my lunch low and slow.
Drawing of me putting my lunch in the microwave with the text that I'll put the power on 70%.
Drawing of me looking into the microwave and text sating I better check it now.
Drawing of me pushing buttons on the microwave and someone standing behind me confused at so many button presses.
Drawing of me hunched over the microwave and someone else waiting to use the microwave with a question mark above their head.
Drawing of my looking into the microwave and praying with the text please heat.
Drawing of me smiling and walking away from the microwave with my food.
Drawing of me sitting at the table with my head in my hand and thinking the food is still not hot enough.

2 responses to “How I use a microwave”

  1. Chaitanya M Avatar

    Your expressions are hilarious 😀

    And that’s very similar to how I use a microwave too!

  2. Robert Felty Avatar

    I also am a user of the power button.

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