A phone, a kitten, and happiness for everyone, a birthday list update

Folded piece of paper with the words "only for May 23rd" written on it.

My previous update on birthday lists was from my son who’s birthday is still six months away. This one is for my daughter who is writing her list a mere month out. Much more sensible right? Let’s see what we got.

Folded piece of paper with the words "only for May 23rd" written on it.
The birthday list folded tight so as to be extra secure!

Yes, Pringles for dinner and Pringles for lunch are her choices. What a proud Dad I am.

First off, the list was originally given to us with the rule of “don’t open this until May 23rd” which is her birthday. She had the foresight to write her dinner and lunch choices on the outside of the envelope, anticipating that we would need to know that prior to the day, but forgot about the rest of it.

After explaining that it probably was a good idea for us to open it ahead of time to prepare, she reluctantly agreed.

Here we go!

Paper with multi-colored writing on it describing birthday plans.
The first page contains the people and plan for the birthday

The first page is “people I want to come to my birthday!!” along with the activities: safari park or safari zoo. Good choices.

The breakfast should be cake. Also a good choice.

The second page is the gift wish list.

Paper with multi-colored writing describing birthday gift ideas.
The back is the gift list which is seven items long for some unknown reason

Kind of a tough list to work from.

#1 and #2 are two stuffed animals that are very specific (hard to read I know but those are some of her animal names). Ok, fair start.

#3 is a real animal. A kitten. That ain’t happening.

#4 and #5…two pricey devices, only one has a chance in hell of happening.

#6 a cake. Finally, this one is a shoo-in!

#7 For everyone to be happy. Probably the single most sought-after-yet-unattainable gift that any human could ever want. Well played.

I asked her why “happiness for everyone” was way down on the list past a kitten and a phone and she swore that the list was in “no particular order”. Good answer.

Not sure what my wife and I are going to do to meet demand this year but if you have any ideas we’re all ears.

Comments welcome!

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