The Last Kids on Earth is a zombie story worth sharing with your kids

zombie self portrait

Yes, last week it was all about Warrior Cats and the (indomitable) Minecraft, but I’ve learned that a kids’ attention is infinite and they can contain a multitude of universes in their little brains. There is always room for more things. Last month we discovered the Netflix adaptation of the book series The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier and we’re all hopelessly obsessed.

The premise is familiar: it’s a zombie apocalypse, most everyone is dead or zombified, towns are deserted, and danger lurks everywhere. But the heroes are (middle-school) kids and they are trying to make the best of their predicament by being, well, kids! Which means everything is like a video game, one kid has a crush on another one, things are awkward, and stereotypes abound!

Between the show and getting the books from the library we are sharing the funny yet still a little serious journey of this band of friends and discussing what we’d do if we were in the same circumstance.

img 3209

I’ve never really gotten into zombie stuff but The Last Kids on Earth is pure gold. Despite the subject matter being rooted in death, the characters make you happy to be alive.

I even made a little zombie illustration to commemorate it.

zombie self portrait

Actually I discoverd a new technique when making this illustration in Affinity Designer that I want to exploit more. It felt like magic when I started realizing how I could add some highlights using the Pencil tool with “Use fill” turned on.

See my pose in the video there? Now I’m definitely a zombie fan.

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  1. Have you forgotten all those nights playing Left4Dead??

  2. hey, Max Brallier, author of the book series and writer/producer on the show during it’s run. thanks for the kind words! glad you’re enjoying and sharing it with your kiddos.

    1. Awesome, thank you Max. Big fan of your work!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion; this looks like exactly the kind of thing my eldest would go for!

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