Growing the taekwondo family

kids tkd first uniforms feature

After coming to classes sporadically for the past year, my daughter officially joined the taekwondo practice that Sam and I have been enjoying. She’s even got her official dobok (uniform) now, and it suits her.

kids tkd casual

We take our taekwondo seriously, but not too serious. We have fun, get a good workout in, and get exposed to the philosophy and self-discipline that all martial arts are known for. Even if only a little bit of that rubs off on the kids, it’s well worth it. I can see it’s impact already and I’m happy to see it growing.

I’ve also started on a part-design/part-study project to recreate the following graphic of taekwondo-focused Korean terminology.

Diagram of a hand, foot, arm, and body with labels for Korean terminology used in taekowndo.
Cool graphic, but I wish it was higher fidelity. Source: unknown.

The graphic helped us get ready for our first yellow belt grading but it struck me as something that would be fun and useful to practice with my Wacom and Affinity Designer.

Rather than copy the source identically, I’m going to use it as inspiration. So far I’ve just done the foot biy but the rest is coming.

TKD Terminology Foot Parts

Here is my new part with the other parts still to come.

TKD Terminology Diagram

Hopefully this new edition graphic will help our newest student get her yellow belt this year. 😃

📷 Credit for terminology help:

📷 Inspiration for the foot pose:

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