Blistered green beans

Blistered Green Beans

I’ve declared 2023 the year of reading but I’ve got a few hobbies going at the moment, especially cooking wiht a proper wok and drawing on the Wacom. The latter two colliding for a food-inspired illustration after cooking some blistered green beans using a dry-fry method outlined in The Wok from Kenji López-Alt.

IMG 2864

The illustration was simple enough to do, but I’ve been building up my basic skills with the Wacom and Affinity Designer, playing with brushes and masks and generally just re-familiarizing myself with all the cool things that are possible via experimenting.

CleanShot 2023 01 06 at 17.04.38

The dish of blistered green beans is also easy-enough, calling for a shallow pool of rapeseed oil (not covering the beans) with which to fry the beans, removing them after they blister and re-adding to whatever else you like.

IMG 2860

I’m obsessed with cooking green beans..and drawing…and reading about cooking green beans, so you’ll certainly see more. This is just a small record of what I’ve been up to so far in the new year.

Blistered Green Beans

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  1. Looks good! We’ve been getting the long beans from the Asian market, super delicious!

  2. The other day Anne asked me what I’d like her to grow more of in the garden this year, and the first thing I said was beans! Great minds and all that.

    1. Yay! I’ll definitely be asking Kav to do the same when planning the garden this year.

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