Amplify and Reduce Goals for September 2022

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I started a ritual in April 2022 of monthly habit changes designed around Cal Newport’s strategy for Cultivating a Deep Life. I’ve noticed a difference in my daily experience and I’ve been enjoying sharing the process for the past several months. Here is my short reflection on August and my plans for September.

A look back at August

For August, I decided to take a break from setting any goals as the family and I were moving house, starting new jobs, taking a vacation, and more. It was good to not have the additional weight of new habit experiments while already carrying so much, but I’m itching to get back to it now.

My goals for September

I’m starting a tad bit late but I’m still going for it, it feels like something is missing if I don’t. The theme for this month is getting back to basics by focusing on my foundational habits and then sprinkling some additional ones on top for good measure.


Amplify creative skills by spending 20 mins a day finishing Affinity Designer course and creating a Minecraft Dungeons-themed invitation for my son’s birthday next week

Reduce the wasted time I spend on hosting poorly attended training sessions (I do these sessions weekly) by recording and sharing a snippets/highlight reel for others to watch weekly


Amplify by volunteering to help as a volunteer with Ramblers Scotland

Reduce the days without connecting with friends by scheduling myself time to connect with them at least once in the month (weekly ideally)


Amplify running in prep for a half-marathon by increasing distance on runs gradually up to 9 miles by the last weekend of September (race is on Oct 2)

Reduce processed food intake: no chips/crisps for the month


Amplify my time to reflect by reading (any book I’m interested in on a given day) and writing about a chapter or two a week

Reduce anxiety about my relationship with my wife by planning a date night each week

Notebook with grid showing days of the month along the top and list of habits along the side.
Blank habit tracker for September

I’ll share an update again on how it all goes in October.

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  1. I’ve had a crazy busy summer too, all lovely, but it feels good to get into some level of work again. Good luck with the Half

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