Do I need more time to myself really?

img 1248
img 1248
A family portrait drawn by my daughter (who is in yellow, apparently now a cat 😼)

Sometimes I feel like I have no time to fit myself, and my myriad other interests, into my day. The kids are nonstop and if it isn’t them it’s the dog or the house or the next meal. I don’t have a second to sit down.

Is this a bit of an exaggeration? Maybe a bit, but to any objective eye, I think it’s clear my “spare time” is pretty low at the moment.

Still, I often find myself thinking ahead to some future time when I’ll have a break, some space to think, be it in an hour from now or a few days from now, or even next month. I just need a bit more time (I think) to draw, to write, to read, to just…what?

What exactly am I looking ahead to? What would I write or draw about if not this? What would I have to share or create if I had more time to myself that is “better” than what I have right now?

I could have almost anything I want but not everything I want.

So, I’ll take a deep breath and keep letting the most important things take up my time. The rest will fit in if they can.

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  1. I feel the same! Sometimes we just need a time to rest, lay down, nothing in mind, sit down without a goal, without thinking about using that time to learn something, to create something, just be there, still, maybe meditate! 🙂

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