Looking forward to a (wood-burning) fire

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I haven’t shared much about the house renovation because, well, there hasn’t been much to talk about. We’re on a steady schedule of about one “thing” getting done a week, so at least things are moving at a pace, even if it is a snail.

Two weeks ago the floor started going in (though not done yet). This week the wood-burning stove was installed. Each of these things was work we contracted and scheduled ourselves. That is worth mentioning because we’re waiting on our builder and various suppliers for everything else, neither of which are able to give concrete dates on anything. So, after 163 days and counting since we started this project, we are still many weeks (months?!) away.

Here are some pics of the new stove (Henley Hazelwood Double-Sided). Looking forward to using this as my main weapon against the Scotland weather (at least until I get a sauna built 🤔).

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  1. House renovations are soooo stressful, but it is starting to look very lovely.

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