Today I learned that I could use my Xbox controller with my iPhone.

Why would I want to do this, you ask?

Because Minecraft, that’s why.

See, my son is obsessed with Minecraft. I’ve always been a fan (I used to work on the game after all) but having him be so so soooooo into it makes it a thousand times more fun for me to play as well.

However, since you can’t play Minecraft split screen on the Xbox, and I haven’t figured out how to play the Windows/Bedrock version on my M1 Macbook yet, I have only been able to play with him via my phone, and playing using the touch controls on a tiny screen is…not great.

Turns out all I needed to do is put the controller into pairing mode and connect it via Bluetooth (works with new-ish controllers/iPhones/iPads). It just works.

Xbox controller sitting in front of an iPhone on a stand.
Problem solved, now if only I could play Halo on this thing…

This is a game changer!

Comments welcome!

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