How to make a Minecraft iron golem Lego plate and a warning to future parents

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I thought we might escape it, the Minecraft obsession that seems to hit nearly every child. I even worked for Minecraft/Mojang for over a year and it didn’t seem to be enough to bring on the affliction. However, like a certain global pandemic, it was only a matter of time before it hit our household.

We have a serious Minecraft obsession going on at the moment. We’re talking about Minecraft at breakfast, we’re drawing Minecraft blocks during art, we’re watching oh so many videos…way, way, too many videos, about Minecraft.

Let this serve as a warning to all new and future parents of what might befall them.

I have a Minecraft Realm set up where my kids and I play together. You probably will too.

I bat away hourly requests to watch YouTube videos on “how to build X” or “how to craft a X”. You’ll need to do the same.

I have endless screenshots of the aforementioned YouTube videos synced seamlessly across my devices. Yay!

IMG 9902
This is typical of my phone’s photo library now.

I have recordings on my devices mimicking YouTube videos about Minecraft like this one about building a Lego “plate” of TNT with an iron golem. 🤯

IMG 9874
See “TNT” at the top and the iron golem at the bottom? If not the video below will explain it for you 🤣
Future Youtuber in action

Did you know that at one point, and maybe this is still true, Minecraft was the second most searched-for category of content on all of YouTube, second only to the entire categorey of music!?!

I understand how hard the obsession can be now.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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  1. I watched the video but am still clueless! Hope to keep it that way

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