House renovation update: spinning the triangle

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Like all projects, our house renovation project is all about a balance between scope, schedule, and cost. As all project managers know, changing any one of these points of the triangle impacts all the others.

Right now it feels like we’re constantly spinning our our triangle like a roulette wheel, adjusting things and trying to keep it from simply getting bigger by the day.

Triangle showing scope, cost, and schedule at each point.
The golden triangle keeps growing

This past week, all the windows were delivered and are in the process of being installed. Yes, in addition to renovating the main living room as originally planned, we have since decided to replace every door and window in the entire house. It’s a massive effort, and the triangle grows.

In terms of where we are at overall, it feels like we’re squarely in the middle of things still. According to my original hopes of being back in the house before Easter, we have 40 days left (it’s been 58 days since we started).

There is a mountain of things that still need to get done.

I’m off to spin the triangle some more. 😎

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  1. Retno Nindya Avatar
    Retno Nindya

    I can’t imagine the stress and the noises (and the dust!) from the renovation, but good gosh, things look really really beautiful! All the best and smooth process, Nick!

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