House renovation update: it’s “going”, just not sure where yet

IMG 8688

My buddy asked me how the house renovation project was going and I responded quickly without thinking: “It’s going good” I said.

Then I thought about it more.

“Welllllll, good probably isn’t the right word there.” It’s “going”, that is for sure, but I don’t know where just yet.

Thinking about it reminded me of this graphic from Austin Kleon:

Life of a project diagram

We are about at this point right now:

Life of a project diagram with a highlight

Here are some recent pics of the “progress”:

Basically, other than gutting the whole place and doing lots of drawings, measurements, picking things, ordering things, and pointing at things, nothing is coming together yet to make this feel like a place we will eventually live in. The place is a shell, and there are major concerns over how we are going to get a new electrical supply in the front of the house as no one seems to know where the power cable is coming from, not to mention the omnipresent-but-now-much-more-real concerns over the budget and timeline.

We knew it would be hard, and now we know what that feels like. We’re 66 days now from what I estimated would be (am praying is) the day we’ll be back in the house. 🤞🏼

I’ll close this by looking at the bright side though: the project is at least “going”, it could be a lot worse, and at least we have donuts!

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  1. That is a huge project happening there. When we knocked our back kitchen and dining room and had a new loo put in the hallway, that was very stressful. Your’s is the full house! It will be alright in the end and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end (quote nicked from somewhere!)

    1. Haha, great quote! I’m sure we’ll look back at it as a small blip on the road but man, hard to see that now. 😉

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