Winter solstice in Scotland

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Today is our 3rd winter solstice since moving to Scotland, and it is dark. There are quite a few things I’ve learned since moving, and the vast shifts in light that one experiences over the year is one of them. The light, not the weather or temperature, is the biggest difference between the seasons in Scotland, and we are in full hibernation mode now.

Allow me to illustrate.

The sun rose at 8:45 am today and set at 3:42pm, limiting the total time that the sun is in the sky to 6 hours and 57 minutes.

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Here is how that compares with some locations of my family and friends:

Glasgow6 hours and 57 minutes 🏆
London7 hours and 50 minutes
Seattle8 hours and 25 minutes
Cheyenne9 hours
Dallas10 hours

There are darker places on this planet certainly, but not that many.

I don’t mind it that much right now actually. The lower light means longer sleeps and later nights and gives this time of year a certain hunkered down vibe that is a good contrast to other times. It’s not all doom and gloom.

For example, during a few weeks in the summer, the sun rises before 4:30am and sets just after 10pm, making for over 17.5 hours of daylight and zero hours of darkness (in between is all twilight).

In order for there to be darkness, there must also be light.

Happy winter solstice all.

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