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  • What I learned last week (#62)

    What I learned last week (#62)

    Learned last week: The whisky walk, the power of the mind, we don’t teach concentration as exercise (but we should), how to be perfect, and more.

  • Notes from Islay and Jura

    Notes from Islay and Jura

    Took a trip over to Islay and Jura with my Dad last week for a few days, which was a fittings cap for his trip here during the month of February. Here are some notes and pics. Islay and Jura are isles (islands) off the west coast of Scotland known for the number of distilleries […]

  • Notes from St Andrews

    Notes from St Andrews

    Spent 72 hours in St Andrews with my Dad and the family last week, here are some notes: The golf courses (there are seven that are part of St Andrews courses) the club houses, the Royal and Ancient club, and the British Golf Museum are all iconic and of course a must see for anyone […]

  • First visit to Amsterdam

    First visit to Amsterdam

    Spent my first time in this city last weekend, hanging out with my good friend Chris. Here are some notes. Nothing planned at all except for the Van Gogh museum (learned the hard way about museum booking in advance after Paris). The Van Gogh museum is absolutely worth it and one of my favorite museum […]

  • Afraid in the best way possible

    Afraid in the best way possible

    Yes, I am afraid of moving, but in the best way possible. Rather than being afraid of giving up what I have, I’m more fearful of missing an opportunity, that I might give up what I know I could have more of.