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  • Three years in Scotland

    Three years in Scotland

    Today marks three years to the day that moved from the states and started our new life in Scotland. It’s been…an interesting experience. I would say it’s been beautiful and rough and full of strong contrasts, just like Scotland’s people, countryside, weather, food, and everything else I’ve experienced here. I thought I’d look back by […]

  • They vs we

    They vs we

    I’ve just returned from my first trip to the states since I moved away two-and-a-half years ago. In the time since I moved to Scotland, I have dearly missed all the things that “we” Americans have access to, and lamented the things that “they” don’t have in the UK. I expected to be overjoyed with […]

  • Turning on the Scottish

    Turning on the Scottish

    The kids can now “turn on” a Scottish accent when they want to. Me, not so much.

  • Double-down


    Last week marked a year and three months since we’ve been in Scotland. It also marked the second birthday for our son Sam in Scotland, as well as living through a complete “cycle” of seasons in our new home now that we’re fully in autumn and summer is behind us. We’ve no longer just arrived. […]