What I learned last week

What I learned last week (#96)

Quote I thought was more profound the more I thought about it:

It is easy to be certain. One has only to be sufficiently vague.

Charles Sanders Peirce

Why Read? Advice From Harold Bloom:

On how to read poems:

“. . . Wherever possible, memorize them. . . . Silent intensive rereadings of a shorter poem that truly finds you should be followed by recitations to yourself until you discover that you are in possession of the poem. . . . Committed to memory, the poem will possess you, and you will be able to read it more closely, which great poetry demands and rewards.”

General summary of some of the points mentioned, but it’s worth a read.

Reading can help us alleviate loneliness and get to know more people on an intimate level than we could otherwise. It can provide greater self-knowledge, as the words of others give us a lens for understanding ourselves. As a “difficult pleasure,” the ways in which books challenge us help us to grow. Wrestling with a text teaches us a great deal about our capabilities and our values. There is also immense satisfaction and increased confidence when we conquer it. Reading helps you to become your full, autonomous self.