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  • Being nice vs being kind

    Being nice vs being kind

    When we give feedback to another person, be it at work or home, with friends or family, why do we so often default to being nice instead of being kind?

  • Take your “self” out of it

    Take your “self” out of it

    When you are thinking about what other people are doing, did, or are about to do, take yourself out of it. For example, you might think “My friends went to the park and didn’t invite me.” Remove that last bit. “My friends went to the park.” That’s all you really know anyway, isn’t it? Likewise, […]

  • The Four Os of Meeting Prep

    The Four Os of Meeting Prep

    My current work doesn’t require me to run or attend a ton of synchronous meetings, and that is as it should be. Most in-person meetings are poorly organized and happen because someone doesn’t want to do the hard work of thinking about a problem and doing some writing. I admit that I’ve been guilty of […]