The joy of biking (to the shops)

fall postcard paintings ride in rain

I might just start biking everywhere.

Thursday is a day I usually run errands. But this Thursday I happened to be without a car (we’re a one car family). So I was faced with a dilemma. At first I just thought I’d just skip the trip, but the sun was out (oh how rare) and I do have a bike with saddle bags, so I decided to live life on the edge and bike to the shops on the road!

Crazy, I know.

I think I only road about 10 miles or so, and sure, I wasn’t screaming downhill going off a 20-foot jump (hi Alex), but there was a certain thrill in turning some boring errands into something adventurous and invigorating.

A neighbor once told me they rode a motorcycle to and from work to get their blood pumping rather than feel sluggish and bored after driving a car. Their days were just better that way, they said.

This felt the same today.

Days when I ride my bike are always better.

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  1. I need to get my bike out again

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