Houses are famous for two 90%s

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Remember our house renovation project? The one we thought would take four to six months? Yeah, it’s still ongoing. It’s been twenty months.

We just had the landscaping done and, aside from tiling the front porch, there isn’t anything else to do. Or more accurately stated, there isn’t anything else we’re going to try to do. So I think that means we are really, truly, actually, close…to something.

Parkinson’s Law, aka tasks take a long as you give them, applies to house projects, as does this:

“Be prepared: When you have 90% of a large project completed finishing the final details will take another 90%. Houses and films are famous for having two 90%s.” (Kevin Kelly, Excellent Advice for Living)

The renovation didn’t come out exactly like we envisioned, but it’s close. It’s…nice. I guess. It wasn’t worth it. In terms that any sane person would consider reasonable in the universe we humans exist, this project was a disaster. But maybe in some alternate reality…

Anyway, we’re done now. Chapter nearly closed.

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  1. philraye Avatar

    Looking super – what a project 👌!

  2. Nice to see this come to some sort of conclusion, Nick. I kind of know how much you have been through with this project over the past 20 months.

    May you and your family build great memories in that home.

    1. Thank you Chai!

  3. I am very curious to see if you will think it was worth it or not a couple years from now.

    I am also curious to know if you used any sort of grout or sealer or anything between the brick pavers. My driveway is brick, and I get a lot of weeds growing between them. I have been doing some research on how to handle them, and there seem to be many options, including “permanent grout” options, but it seems like that would not let water through, which seems like one of the advantages of bricks over concrete to me, so I am skeptical of that. For now, I just pull the weeds by hand from time to time.

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