Look for clues

boxes on the conveyor

From The Creative Act by Rick Rubin:

“When looking for a solution to a creative problem, pay close attention to what’s happening around you. Look for clues pointing to new methods or ways to further develop current ideas.”

”We receive these messages all the time, if we remain open to them.”

Similar to how our unconscious does work on our behalf, we can attune our attention to notice things on our behalf.

We might need to tune out. Going on a run might help. Changing our routine slightly might just be enough.

“This process isn’t a science. We can’t control clues, or will them to be revealed. Sometimes it helps to have a strong intention to find a specific answer, or to confirm a particular path. Other times, letting go of that intention altogether can help you find your way.”

Sometimes you need to work on something, anything. You might need to execute on an idea to get it out of the way.

In Choose Yourself, James Altucher recommends making a list of ideas every day and executing as many as possible.

Many won’t lead anywhere, but inevitably one will.

The chapters of The Creative Act are like this. You can pick it up and read it from any point and something is bound to catch you sooner or later.

“You might imagine that the outside world is a conveyor belt with a stream of small packages on it, always going by. The first step is to notice the conveyor belt is there. And then, any time you want, you can pick up one of those packages, unwrap it, and see what’s inside.”

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