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I had my first run in my newest pair of running shoes today. Technically, I’ve been running in the same model and make of running shoe for around 15 years now, which seemed like a reason to take stock of how many pairs I’ve had and how far I’ve run in them.

My running shoe of choice for what seems like forever is the Mizuno Wave Rider. They don’t get as many miles as my favorite all-around shoe, but they are my favorite training partners. I think I originally landed on this make and model based on a recommendation from a local running shoe shop in Seattle, but those specific details are lost in the annals of time now. All I know is that they work for me, and I run quite a bit, so I’ve never considered wanting to try anything else.

My rule of thumb for running shoes is to start thinking about retiring a pair after they’ve been run in for 400 miles or if they’ve experienced an exceptional amount of torture.

A pair of Mizuno Wave Riders that is dirty and beaten up.
This last winter’s pair was beaten and bruised by an especially cold and wet few months.

I don’t know for sure how many pairs I’ve had, but I’m pretty sure I started running in them around 2008-2009, and I started ramping up my running in earnest in 2010. My Amazon history shows I’ve ordered 16 pairs of them since 2012, so I’m easily on the 20th pair at this point.

Order history of shoes from Amazon showing sixteen pairs with the first pair ordered in 2012.

Sometimes I run just under 400 miles in a pair, but sometimes I run much more, so I think that a 400-mile average per pair is pretty reasonable.

IMG 3338
I’ve been keeping track of my shoes for the last few years with my Garmin but don’t have the full 15 years of history here (yet).

So, 20 pairs x 400 miles per pair is 8000 miles of running in these same shoes.

8000 miles!

To put that in perspective, that is like running from LA to New York three times. Pretty cool.

My running has been slowing down a little in the last few years, but I’m still averaging 1.5 pairs of shoes a year. My plan is to keep running until I’m at least 100, which means I’ll need to order 87 more pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders in my life.

That means by the time I’m 71, I’ll have run the circumference of the earth.

The only thing that can stop my streak is they stop making Wave Riders.

I’m counting on you Mizuno!

IMG 3314

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  1. I was in Mizunos for a while. They were lovely. And Murakami’s favourite shoe too. But I am a bit of a trainer tart, if the price is right and they feel comfortable enough I’ll buy them! Currently enjoying some Brooks Ghost.

  2. Thank u for the info.

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