Maxo, Young Fathers, and more of my favorite albums from February 2023

young fathers

I love discovering new music and hope that by sharing my monthly finds it inspires you to listen to something different.

February was kind of a weird month for new stuff. It didn’t feel like there was much that came out, but I still wrote up what I think is a solid list here, so go figure. I guess February was full of surprises.

Here are my favorite albums this month in no particular order.

Skyzoo – The Mind of a Saint

Epic hip-hop concept album from one of my favorite MCs Skyzoo (who had one of my favorite albums of 2021). The concept is based on the TV show Snowfall, which I’m loving just as much as the album.

Maxo – Even God Has A Sense of Humor

A new-to-me hip-hop artist who has made a weird, wild, and infectious album. It has a vibe I keep wanting to come back to.

Madlib-produced track here ⭐

Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy

I don’t know what to call this. It’s rock-jazz-funk-reggae-pop all in one. It’s best played loud and I’ve been playing it a lot.

Charles Lloyd – Trio of Trios

I’m still learning about legendary saxaphonist Charles Lloyd. I know this much: I love his recent work like this epic set of him performing as part of different trios.

Jonah Yano – portrait of a dog

Pretty album from a singer-songwriter I didn’t know before. Fits my mood for low-fi music in the afternoon and was produced by BADBADNOTGOOD (who had another one of my favorite albums of 2021) so I could play it just for the instrumentals alone.

Calos Niño & Friends – Extra Presence

As close to ambient music as I’ve gotten in a while. Really digging the sonic spaces of this collection as a background to my mornings.

Weval – Everything Went Well

Feeling shades of Django Django and Peter Bjorn and John and Radiohead on this one. Interesting. I like it!

OK that’s it, February is a wrap.

As always, let me know if any of this grabs you and definitely let me know what I might have missed.

Happy listening. ✌️

Comments welcome!

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