The porch project

IMG 9791

I haven’t written about the house renovation in a while because the wounds are still fresh. Although the inside is done now, there is still a big part missing: the porch. So the 2023 house project is to get that thing done! 🙌🏼

In between trying to find anyone interested in doing some work for money, I’m working with my new Wacom and Affinity Designer to mock up examples of the finishings to go along with the structural and architect’s more technical drawings.

house porch blank
No porch!
house porch
Yes porch!
house porch details
Now with details!

Despite the house renovation being a real drag overall, it’s fun to do these kinds of drawings. Having a basic proficiency in design tools is a useful skill, even with the looming presence of AIs that will be able to supposedly do it all.

Comments welcome!