Installing a dryer in the shed

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We haven’t had a clothes dryer since moving to Scotland three and a half years ago. Today, everything changed. The magnitude of this event cannot be understated and must be remembered in the annals of time. We now have a magical drying machine. All is right with the world.

To date we’ve been hanging clothes around the house in racks like this.

IMG 2906
Sorry if there are pants in the this picture, those gotta dry too

We have a very small house so these clothes racks are omnipresent and, even if it takes (only) two days to dry a rack the next batch will be going up. They never leave.

But we’ve been secretly plotting and planning, converting our previously moldy shed to a powered-up utility room now equipped with not only a chest freezer (fridge space is precious in the UK, that’s for another day) but now, NOW we have a vented dryer installed by yours truly!

It was as easy a DIY project as they come, even for me, but still I’m proud of getting this bad boy online.

We’ve won 2023. Dry clothes are here!!!!!

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  1. We’ve bought a dehumidifier for our rack as we’ve also got a small house. Our washer is in the garage, and a second fridge so there is no space for any drier!

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