Flowers in the window

View of apartment windows from the outside with sunflowers in vases visible.

I was looking across the street on a particularly grey and cold day today and noticed these flowers.

Our neighbour always has some flowers in their windows. I think they change from time. They are probably fake. But there is always something there.

I don’t know if they mean this as an act of kindness or not, but it occurred to me that it is a kind gesture to their neighbors like us.

View of apartment building from the outside with sunflowers in vases visible on the top level.
The tiniest amount of life on an otherwise drab building.

It livens up the otherwise drab day, adding some color and beauty to a pretty dull apartment building.

It’s a tiny thing, but it had an oversized impact on me today, and I bet I’m not the first.

img 1665

Side note: we still have lots of garbage from our house renovation in the front yard which is probably eliciting an equal but opposite reaction from this same neighbor. Arrgh! This makes me feel obligated to get all this picked up.

View of front yard with garbage against a wall with apartment building in the background.
The flowers in the window are a bit ruined by the garbage and lack of life in our front yard. Oh well.

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