Things that a professional coach should do consistently

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My first-in-a-long-time professional coaching session is this week and I’m feeling nervous. I feel like I need to do some “prep” so that I show up well. I don’t know why exactly, I guess some of my favorite fears are cropping up. What are we going to talk about? Am I really just not good at this whole career thing? Am I going to look like a complete idiot? What are they going to unearth?

I’ve gone through questions to prepare to start coaching as well as how to determine if a coach is a good fit already, so I guess I’m as ready as I can be. I also came across the following questions that seemed to summarize neatly the things that I hope a coach can do consistently for me.

Does my coach consistently…

  • Maintain a focus on better understanding who I am at my core, and encourage me to act in ways that align with my values and identity?
  • Communicate clearly and thoughtfully, ensuring our conversations are productive?
  • Actively listen to gain a full awareness of the variables at play and dig deeper than surface-level concerns?
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that challenge me to see myself and others differently?
  • Offer an insightful perspective based on objective feedback, rather than presenting personal opinions or ideas?
  • Prompt ah-ha moments/breakthroughs?
  • Help me better understand myself/my personality/triggers?
  • Connect me to a vision that aligns with my authentic self?
  • Keep me focused on achieving my goals?
  • Leave me feeling empowered, with clarity on how to proceed, after each session?

Just reading that list makes me feel excited about what is ahead. It also seems like a TALL order. No pressure coach. 😉

Here is a smaller list of questions that I also like as a way to tell if a coach is helping me.

Is my coach helping me?

  • Does this coach lead me to insights I couldn’t possibly gain on my own?
  • Do they force me to confront the most important aspects of myself and my situation?
  • Am I a better version of myself, and more connected to my true self after each session?
  • Do they invite and hold space for discomfort in meaningful ways so I can grow?

Wow, this is going to be epic. I’ll report back on how it goes!

🗒 Portions of this content came from my professional coaching program that I am doing at Automattic.
I do work there and you can too. 😃

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  1. I’m looking forward to finding out how this coaching process happens, when it’s for something unspecific.

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