Nope, I’ll never stop

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I just wanted to memorialize this moment: the first time my daughter told me to stop texting her. Ahh, I’m going to savor this. 😃

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As background, my daughter does not have a phone despite her protests that other kids in her class do so she should too (she’s almost 9). Despite the ridiculousness of it all, my wife and I caved and got her a watch that can message only SECURE contacts that WE allow. I love the illusion of control!

The bad thing about this is that I don’t want her to grow up any farther past 9 years old and this feels like her wings grew a few inches suddenly.

The good thing about this is that it means we are now having text conversations like this and I get to annoy her in all new ways.

This is just the beginning. 👿

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  1. Chris Sullivan Avatar
    Chris Sullivan

    You are not allowed to tell my children Vivi got a device at 9 – way too soon. C

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