Some things are unconditional, even at 5 o’clock

Note from daughter

My kids are completely zombified when they watch TV. Times and lengths can vary, but they pretty regularly get some show time around 5pm when we are prepping dinner. This is good for a bit but then turns mega-frustrating when we call them to the table to eat and they don’t respond. There could be fire alarms blaring and dinosaurs could be eating us alive and still they wouldn’t know.

So yeah, sometimes emotions get the best of us and we have some heated words. Things can get a bit dramatic.

The other day, my daughter wrote me this note.

Note from daughter

She explained to me that she knows she ignores me when watching TV, but, you know, she still thinks I’m the best “all the time”.

“Awwwww. That doesn’t make it ok that you ignore us though.” I said. But still, that’s damn cute.

This reminded me of previous conversations we have had after I get angry at my daughter for not listening. They can escalate from annoyed to END OF THE WORLD very quickly.

Here is an example of one recently:

Text messages between my daughter and I
The lows are low, and then, do you want coffee? 🤣

Yes, we’ve had plenty of conversations about the fact that when I’m angry with her or her brother, that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

I’m sure we’ll revisit this lesson again and again, but it’s nice to get the lesson back from her now as well, even at 5 o’clock.

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