Hiking Dumgoyne (but not quite because COVID)

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Got my monthly hike in to start 2022! Dumgoyne is a prominent little hill in the Campsie’s and something I’ve had on my list to get after on one of my hiking days. It isn’t really very high (427M/1400 ft), but it looks pretty cool on a clear day and is also just really accessible which was the main criteria for me for a January walk whilst recovering from COVID.

Stream in a field
Stream crossing on the way up

It wasn’t clear on the day I went, I wasn’t able to get started until almost 2 in the afternoon, I was just 6 days past COVID (testing negative but had no stamina), and I didn’t make it all the way to Dumgoyne as a result, BUT, I did climb a pretty steep hill right next to it that was just as high (altimeter shows I got to 468M/1537 feet).

IMG 8656 copy
Everything was in the clouds, but this is the hill I climbed. Steeper than it looks.
Dumgoyne hill
Dumgoyne is in the center, the right hill is what I ended up going up (and planned to do Dumgoyne after). Photo credit: caingram.info

I was pretty proud of getting up that one all things considered. It was a lot steeper than it looks. The view off this sheer drop at the top shows how high it was (and my breathing gives some idea of how strenuous that ascent was).

The walk back through the misty backside of the hill was super quiet and tranquil, making the ascent worth every bit of effort.

Hiking in the Campsies, especially in winter, is done mostly in the clouds. Everything has some moisture on it.

Misty grass and bushes
Water clings to everything, better have your gaiters!
My route up with the exception of the bit at the very end to Dumgoyne. I didn’t have enough daylight nor stamina. Damn you COVID!

Here is the full route:

Download file for GPS

Here is my Garmin tracker from the hike:

Good start to the year, now off to plan something new for February. 🤔

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