Hiking Meikle Bin (finally!)

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It finally happened!!! I got up the little mountain that has been beckoning me since moving to Glasgow. The one that I attempted and failed to get up previously when meeting the impenetrable forest wall. Meikle Bin, the popular and easily accessible mountain that has been hiked by nearly everyone in our village except me, has officially been conquered.

IMG 8316

My brother-in-law and I hiked the hill on boxing day with a light snow coming down. As is tradition, there were absolutely zero views to be had from the top and the wind was blowing fiercely, but despite all of that, it was a great way to work off the Christmas gluttony.

The hike also served as a good “recce” for future walks. Since the entirety of the trail is on forestry track and there are no sheep to be found there, it is something I could bring our dog on in the future. Also, I’m pretty proud of my streak of getting out on hiking outdoors for five months straight. I’m confident I can keep this going for the next year and beyond.

Here is the full route:

Download file for GPS

Here is my Garmin tracker from the hike:

You are mine now Meikle Bin!! I’ll be back to visit often. 🤩

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