Non-school school pics on a Saturday

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The kids had their pictures taken by their school recently. Those pictures sucked AND the company that did them wanted an obscene amount of money for prints and digital files. So we had the kids put on their school clothes on a Saturday (not a popular thing to do by the way) and go for pictures with a local photographer instead. Turned out to be a good choice.

It is shocking how much photography companies charge, especially school-based photography sessions, for their work. I am not opposed to paying for quality work at all, but I think photography is one of those areas where there are so many people out there offering great services at really reasonable costs it pays to shop around.

Every time we get photos taken at a reasonable rate, I always think we should do it more often. Our kids would never let us take photos like this on our iPhones. We also don’t really have any photos of my wife and me together really because it’s impossible to peel ourselves away from the kids. There is a difference when you have a professional involved for sure.

Aside from the screams about “We’re not going to school on a Saturday!?!”, which I milked for all it was worth as I thought it was hilarious, these turned out pretty good in the end. Here is a sampling.

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