My favorite music: October 2021 Edition

Man standing in front of an open garage.

Here is a list of my favorite albums from October 2021, featuring Shad, BADBADNOTGOOD, Kenny Segal + more 🔈

Not sure if this list is for you? My musical tastes vary widely, but you’ll generally always find hip-hop, jazz, funk, or a blend of each in the selections along with the occasional country, rock, and reggae album. I’m always looking for new (and old) music so any recommendations are welcome!

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Also, you can find a playlist of tracks that I love on my Right About Now playlist. 🎧



My hip-hop pick of the month and the album I’ve been listening to most regularly over the past few weeks. The lyrics straddle a line of dark introspection and bright optimism. The beats are great. Not much else needs to be said.


Talk Memory

How is this album so good?!! It took me a few listens to get into this one, but it is incredible. Easily one of my most favorite jazz albums of the year.

Kenny Segal


Producer and beatmaker Kenny Segal is known for working with underground hip-hop artists. I love this instrumental album for focusing or anytime I need a sidekick for whatever I’m doing.

Bad Colors


An amazing little collection of party jams and chill beats from a producer called Bad Colors. It’s only 21 mins, but deftly blends vocals and instrumentals and goes really well mixed with the album they also produced with Jarv Dee (BLAKHOUSE).


Never Enough

I love Disclosure and have been playing their latest EP of electronic house beats constantly. It seems to be a good lift in the afternoon when I need a boost. Their just-released DJ Kicks album is equally great and fit-for-purpose for afternoon and evening energy.

Also, this video is for a song from their previous album, but is weird good and worth watching:

Honorable mentions ✌️

Another producer/beat maker that I’ve been listening to a lot is L’Orange and his album The World is Still Chaos But I Feel Better, Space 1.8 from Nala Sinephro is a perfect early morning album, and how did I never listen to Moses Boyd’s Dark Matter album before now, it is incredible and I can’t wait for more stuff.

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