Beachcombing in Elie, Scotland

The coast of the town of Elie, Scotland.

Last week the fam and I got away for a much-needed holiday on the eastern side of Scotland in the town of Elie. Although our last trip away was just a month ago for my daughter’s birthday, that trip was only for a couple of nights while this time we went for a full week, so it really felt like we were away away.

👆🏼 That is where Elie is.

We were joined by some family and really had nothing planned other than to relax and play on the beach and explore the area. I was (and still am) recovering from my skateboarding mishap, so wasn’t able to move around very well and just doing nothing sounded like a perfect plan. This is exactly what we did.

We stayed in an AirBnB close to the beach, took the dog to the water, played in the sand, drove to nearby villages (and St Andrews!), I got in the obligatory brewery visit (Futtle, their farmhouse pale is superb), and we went underground in the Secret Bunker.

It was also my birthday last week, so even with the annoying injury I still celebrated another year on the planet in style. I can’t say enough thanks to my wife Kav for organizing.

I love these kinds of trips. 🧳

The beach next to St Andrews Old Course as the tide is out
The tide was wayyy out during our visit to the beach in St Andrews.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I’m a big fan of “do very little” vacations at the beach, we try to do that every summer in NC with my family and it’s amazing. Hopefully soaking in salt water helped your ribs!

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