What we’re doing now: doing it ourselves

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(This is a post for a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Not much has changed since the last now update in March. We’re still not vaccinated (no letter), I’m still not driving (no license), and we’ve still not started on our house remodel (no response). Regardless, life is pretty interesting for my wife and I with a dog and two young people pushing you each day (“Daddy, did you know Christoper says all aliens are dead?” 🤔). Despite the stutter start-stop of spring, we’re still working on the garden, still drawing, still playing, and still enjoying each other. Above all, we’re focusing on what we have control over and what we can do ourselves.

Gardening 🏵️

The garden work has been a godsend. We’ve ripped up almost everything we can find in the back garden and keep wanting to do more. Ahhh the joy of moving dirt around.

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Can you tell which one is before and which one is after?

Organizing things 🗃️

I shared a way-to-long post about How I organize using Notion and a notebook and it’s easily the most words I’ve written about here so far. I enjoyed the process though and am thinking about what additional types of “how to” posts I might do that are similar.

Moving tasks from this week column to done column in Notion. Animated GIF.

Dance and karate class 🥋

Things are starting to open again, and that includes extracurricular classes. My wife and I aren’t able to attend in-person with the kids (yet), but the Cobra Kai in me is really hoping that the kids take an interest in martial arts.

Getting ready for big-kid school 🏃🏽‍♂️

My son Sam (4) is getting ready to enter Primary 1 (aka Kindergarten in the States) and they had a little intro session for him at his new school. He’s excited to join his sister in the new school for sure. They had outdoor challenge courses set up for the kids to see the school grounds and meet each other, but Sam just wanted to compete. I think he might be getting the wrong idea about what the new school is going to entail. 😂

Sam walking back after a run on the playground smiling.
Sam just dominated that race and made a little girl cry. Proud Dad. 😉

Doing it ourselves 💪🏽

My wife and I expected to get more help with our house remodel project and have been continually frustrated and let down. We realized/decided that we are going to have to dig in (pun intended) and really learn everything there is to learn (from permitting approvals all the way to choosing suppliers) in order to drive things forward. No one is going to do it for us.

Remembering why we’re here 🤔

We celebrated an important anniversary last month and a little reflection was in order: You sure? I’m sure (happy anniversary) ❤️. This included reflecting on why we moved to Scotland in the first place and why, despite some trivial frustrations, everything is really pretty great.

Selfie of my wife and I on a hike with sunglasses on.
This is basically the only day it has been sunny in Scotland in 2021 and it was on our anniversary. Lucky for sure!

A few memories from about this time a year ago 🕰️

Here is to hoping things both continue to change and stay the same. 🙏🏻

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  1. Do you manually update your now page to include your latest now post, or do you have some fancy automatic setup?

    1. I have experimented with different things, but am currently just using the Blog Posts block on my now page and setting it to show only the latest post with a tag of “now” on it. 😃

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