What we’re doing now: in-between

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(This is a post for a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Feeling in-between

March is almost over and it feels like an in-between time. We’re in-between winter and spring here in Scotland. We’re in-between lockdowns as restrictions are lifting but not quite. We’re in-between starting and finishing big projects at home. I’m (still) in-between being able to drive a car on my own and getting to do so again (UK license is pending a driving test in June).

Still waiting to get the vaccination

Some of our older relatives and essential worker-family have it here but we are still waiting. 🤷🏼

Destroying and rebuilding

The big family project right now is working on our real estate and facilities. We’re tearing apart the back garden to put in raised beds, plant trees, and otherwise move lots of earth around in wheelbarrows. We’re also working with an architect and a builder to plan out how to tear other things apart as well.

Finishing a “how I organize” post

I’ve been working on sharing a super-long post on how I organize and work which is has been consuming a lot of time as I’ve also been updating my process as I go. If it sounds super boring to you that’s ok, we can still be friends. More on that soon.

Working on art

This is a regular habit and I’ve been starting to share it more regularly here and on Five Figures – thinking about doing more with the latter in the months ahead.

Spelling and writing

My daughter Vivian is getting really into spelling more complex words and can read most things now, including anything you are looking at on your phone. 😬 My son Sam is good at writing his name and is now learning to write more and more. He is also angry about why he can’t have more gun toys (because they don’t actually hurt people). 😬 😬

Certifying our greatness

My wife Kav now has the Peloton to kick her ass each day and this has been making her surprisingly happy. I’ve also found some joy in having the bike here as well. The instructors are surprisingly great at making you feel like a king. “Certify your greatness!” is our new favorite phrase and we shout this to each other regularly (thanks Alex Toussaint).

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