Beautiful ruin

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There is a little section of trail just beyond my normal running route that I decided to explore the other day. At the end of it was a ghostly derelict ruin that was strange and more than a bit foreboding, but I’ve gone back a few times to explore it since and brought my phone on the last excursion as it’s pretty cool. In the sunshine, it could be a map from Destiny or Gears of War. There are even some epic Tony Hawk grinds that you could envision on the pipe and steelwork. At night this place would just be a scary place to be.

Panoramic of the Drumcavel Quarry site.

I did some Googling on what it used to be and it turns out it was the Drumcavel Quarry site (it being just off of Drumcavel Road). Apparently, it was for sale not long ago.

Also, a little more Googling turned up the following story of a body found on the site:

THE body of a 19-year-old man from Moodiesburn, near Glasgow, was discovered in nearby Drumcavel quarry by police divers yesterday.

Nice. Yeah, definitely not going there at night. I mean, check these huge silos of death:

Think of that in the dark. 🙀 Aaaaaaanyway, back to your normally scheduled lives. I’m going to draw some of this soon and think about all the possibilities of making a multiplayer map out of this beautiful ruin.

Here is where the spot is:

Here is the full gallery of pics I took:

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