What I learned last week (#85)


Quote I was thinking about:

”We retain the facts which are easiest to think about”

B. F. Skinner

Book excerpt I enjoyed:

“And don’t confuse being driven with being authentically animated by an inner calling. One state leaves you depleted and unfulfilled; the other fuels your soul and makes your heart sing.” (Timothy Ferriss, Tribe of Mentors)

The art of enough:

The single most important lesson I learned from Derek was to ask myself “Am I doing this because I genuinely want to, or am I doing this to impress an invisible jury that exists only in my head?”


Essential gear for a roadtrip:

Thule roof racks are awesome! I got one recently and the quality of the kit is impressive. More great road trip gear below.


How to structure a fight scene:

My life as a construction worker:

To the extent construction workers are discussed at all in the media or popular culture, it’s usually by reference to stereotypically negative attributes, such as sexist leering, foul language, and substance abuse. Unless you are embedded in this world, you’ll miss the offsetting positive aspects, including the unspoken code that exists among most crews: (1) Do the best work you can, without creating more work for others; (2) don’t shirk the dirtiest or hardest task; (3) obey your direct boss, but remain suspicious of authority more generally, especially when it walks on to the site with clean hands and nice shoes. (Young engineers tend to be particular objects of scorn); (4) never rat. If someone’s alcohol or drug problem is out of hand, let the supervisor address it. If your colleague gets fired because you blew the whistle, you may lose something more precious than a job.

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