What I learned last week

What I learned last week (#92)

Book excerpt I was thinking about:

Whatever the needs of the moment, I had a choice: I could do what was required calmly, patiently, and attentively, or do it in a state of panic. Every moment of the day—indeed, every moment throughout one’s life—offers an opportunity to be relaxed and responsive or to suffer unnecessarily.” (Sam Harris, Waking Up)

You do have a choice and an opportunity in every moment, even though it might not feel like it sometimes.

The logistics of distributing a vaccine in the 19th century versus today:

Distributing a COVID vaccine to billions of people will be challenging. We will require vials, needles, cold storage, air travel, trained health care professionals and much more. The challenge of distributing a smallpox vaccine in the 19th century was even greater because aside from fewer resources the vaccine, cowpox, was geographically rare and infected humans only with difficulty. Moreover, the best method of storing the vaccine was in a person but that worked only until the person’s immune system defeated the virus. Thus, a relay-race of vaccine couriers was created to distribute the vaccine around the world.

Interesting history of using cohorts of human vaccine couriers to distribute a vaccine. Never realized or thought about that until now.

For a summary of the modern day challenges that we’re facing, this is worth watching:

3:22 is when the good stuff starts. Interesting info about the challenges involved in producing and moving the vaccine.