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  • Surrounded by smiles and good humor

    Surrounded by smiles and good humor

    Raw Spirit by Iain Banks is a book about Scotch, but there are so many anecdotes and side-stories sprinkled throughout, it’s better described as a book about driving, cars, friendships, getting older, music, war, politics, Scotland AND whisky. This bit from the book came to mind today and stuck with me: …when you drive an […]

  • The rainbow

    The rainbow

    This week I saw the biggest, fullest, brightest rainbow I’d ever seen. It was a proper half circle, with none of those slightly weak colored gaps in it that you usually see in rainbows. Full color all the way around. It was at the end of my run that it appeared, and I had to […]

  • What I learned last week (#33)

    What I learned last week (#33)

    Learned last week: life is a dance, the power of one push-up, Spielberg wasn’t good at school, and creativity is a lifestyle, not a skill.

  • Most things remain to be done

    Most things remain to be done

    In between the constant doing-stuff/busy-ness of moving there have been many glimpses of why we came here and what awaits us when we pause and look around. Isn’t that the point?

  • Good mornings

    Good mornings

    As life has gotten more fluid and less predictable, I am finding a lot of magic in my mornings.