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  • Long lists are guilt trips

    How is your to-do list looking these days? Is it helping you or is it weighing you down? If a list has too many items on it, it probably isn’t that useful. Of course, how many items are too many is up to you to decide.

  • How to make good decisions

    How to make good decisions

    You are constantly making decisions in your life and your work. How do you ensure you are making the best decisions you can? The short answer is that you have to practice it. The longer answer is that decision-making is a skill and it is learned like every other skill. There are hundreds (thousands?) of […]

  • Questions to prepare for starting a professional coaching partnership

    Questions to prepare for starting a professional coaching partnership

    Here are some questions (and my answers) for preparing to start working with a professional coach. These questions would come in handy after making the choice to work with a specific person (see a list of questions on how to make that choice).

  • Time to get a coach

    Time to get a coach

    As noted in my amplify and reduce goals for the month, one of my habits that I want to amplify is getting feedback, and to do that this month I’m working on getting a coach.

  • Losing vs gaining

    Losing vs gaining

    When you are relying on others to get something done, and it isn’t getting done, or it isn’t what you wanted, it’s easy to feel like you are losing something. Nobody wants to be a loser. How can you turn your loss into a gain?

  • Time I enjoyed wasting

    Last week we had our monthly team social hour scheduled and I had zero plan to attend it. First off, despite the title, it is technically two hours long. Second, it was scheduled in the middle of the day for me (when I would otherwise be working), and we didn’t get time off for it, […]

  • How I wrote a post per week for 60+ weeks

    How I wrote a post per week for 60+ weeks

    Over a year ago, I accepted the responsibility of carrying on a weekly tradition for our team at work. It was a simple-yet-powerful tradition: pick something you learned that week, write up a post about it, and share that post every Friday. I have never missed a week since, and after 60+ posts, I’m still […]