Rebuilding a Lego Tie Fighter

tie fighter how 1

I like puzzles and I like Lego, so re-building a Lego Tie Fighter model my son and I previously built using the original instructions seemed like a no brainer. We have all the pieces in a couple tubs, how hard can it be?!

However, when that Lego Tie Fighter model has been destroyed and combined with at least thirty-two other sets (including ones from the same series), you can see how things have quickly devolved into a very slow, painful, and strangely addicting process.

IMG 2897

Feels like putting together a puzzle on steroids. You know where the piece needs to go, you just don’t know where the piece is.

IMG 2896

In other words, I now am also starting to organize all our Legos by series and types as I do this. Kind of have to really. I might have actually looked up some actual different organization strategies today on YouTube as well.

IMG 2895

I found this video of how Legoland’s Master Builders create their models for example and love it. These guys have specialties!?!

Forget other New Year’s resolutions, this is it! Let’s see how far I can get.

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  1. Good luck with that pile. Very impressive if your son has the patience that you have!

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