I’m going part-time starting next month

Illustration of a cross-roads with one path marked "keep going" leading off a cliff and another path marked "change" leading into the forest.

After many years now of my wife bouncing between not working, being self-employed, and working part-time, she’s now about to start working full-time. We have two young kids and made the decision early on that we don’t want to be a family where both parents work full-time. We’re not judging those that do; it’s just not for us. Up until now, that has meant I am the one who “works” and she is the one who is “at home”. Now we’re switching roles. I’m going part-time starting next month.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and excited for the change, but I’m nervous too.

  1. What if I fall behind professionally?
  2. Will I feel emasculated by the change in identity?
  3. What if I’m just not good at being on point for the kids, house, dog, errands, laundry, dishes, etc?

Of course, these worries (and my assumptions behind them) are silly when examined more closely. A useful bit of advice I heard previously is to write down your worries, worry about them, and, once you’ve worried, you don’t need to do it again. After all, constantly “worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.” (from WILLW #7 over 3 years ago).

So that’s me done worrying about this.

I’ve been dying to get more involved in my kid’s school. I’m looking forward to being in my community on a daily basis. I’m happy to model a family life where a female can be the main breadwinner.

My wife has dealt with these same fears and worries for years and navigated her way back. Most of all, I’m excited for her.

Now it’s my turn.

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  1. It will be new, it will be tough to begin with and you won’t get it right all the time. But then no-one does. It will be good enough and you can have fun trying to create efficient processes from all the multifarious tasks that abound from spending more time with the kids. Have fun!

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