Using a side-project to practice

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In the lead up to starting work as a Happiness Engineer with Automattic (we’re hiring by the way), I started to create a couple of “side-project” sites as as a way to both practice with the toolset of WordPress as a publishing platform, as well as feed my own artisitic practice.

One of these sites is, which I used to amass a collection of daily “reps” of drawing figures: people, hands, feet, faces and mostly a wooden mannequin that I had lying around my office. I’m ressurecting it again today to start work on another month of figure drawing, with some new props and ideas, but mostly to just stick to a 5-10 minute a day practice.

Here are some examples:

Having a little side-project like this has been a good way to continue to develop my drawing habit and stick to a regular practice of publishing work (regardless of quality!) while also aligning my other “professional” practice.

You can always make your work creative through practice.

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