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  • Love and noodles (happy anniversary) ❤️

    Love and noodles (happy anniversary) ❤️

    Today marks the seventh year of marriage for my wife and me. While we’ve been questioning some of our decisions over the past year, one thing we aren’t questioning is our decision to be together, side-by-side, even as things around us appear to be in mayhem.

  • You sure? I’m sure (happy anniversary) ❤️

    You sure? I’m sure (happy anniversary) ❤️

    As in all relationships, decisions, or even non-dairy cheese, you’ll never be 100% sure. Forget about being sure and just go for it.

  • Surrounded by smiles and good humor

    Surrounded by smiles and good humor

    Raw Spirit by Iain Banks is a book about Scotch, but there are so many anecdotes and side-stories sprinkled throughout, it’s better described as a book about driving, cars, friendships, getting older, music, war, politics, Scotland AND whisky. This bit from the book came to mind today and stuck with me: …when you drive an […]

  • Lighthouse


    Early morning before anyone was up, Vivi showed me how she learned to draw a lighthouse. Later, Sam and Kav were waiting for me after my run, full of goofball faces. Feeling more than grateful. The night before I read this: Studies have confirmed what’s pretty obvious – having children makes people even unhappier. But […]

  • Afraid in the best way possible

    Afraid in the best way possible

    Yes, I am afraid of moving, but in the best way possible. Rather than being afraid of giving up what I have, I’m more fearful of missing an opportunity, that I might give up what I know I could have more of.