Bold lines

Continuing the practice of figure drawing, focusing on faces and hands. I’ve been doing quick brush pen work from images on my iPad or on Zoom calls as one way to practice. I like these brush pens for line drawing and using a few lines to capture a shape. Proportion is less important, and some distortion makes it more interesting. Capturing the shapes of the lips and the eyes makes all the difference.

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Big rocks first

I’m not sure how this became a longer thing than it is. Maybe that’s because prioritization, the subject of this piece, is a longer, harder thing to do than it seems at a distance. Anyway, this illustration started as a little morning drawing of an idea that I revisited from a book excerpt and grew into the series of illustrations below. It’s been a fun exercise in playing with a brush pen, seeing how I could talk about an idea thorough pictures, and put together disparate pieces of each into some sort of whole (using GIMP for image editing). Here are the different illustration “parts” explained with the compined composite I created at the end.