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  • What was the cost of that choice?

    What was the cost of that choice?

    I’m lucky to have regular coaching sessions (you should too if you can) and in today’s coaching session, as we were talking about my journey to this point and specific choices I’ve made to change (jobs, teams, companies, countries), my coach asked me “what was the cost of that choice”? When we make the choice […]

  • Don’t just do work, make waves 🌊

    Don’t just do work, make waves 🌊

    How do you know whether you are doing the right work or whether it’s time to move on? For me, it boils down to saying yes to the following three questions. Is my work allowing me to have the life I want to have? Am I discovering new things I really like thinking about every […]

  • Get a helmet

    Get a helmet

    I got Sam this race car helmet from the gift shop at the Glasgow Museum of Transport recently (an awesome place to go by the way). Museum gift shops are a guilty pleasure, I always find something I want that’s usually overpriced, and the kids always seem to as well. However, this helmet was only […]

  • A refreshing change

    A refreshing change

    As part of our recent move to Scotland, I resigned from Microsoft after 13 years of being at the company and I recently started new work as a support engineer (aka Happiness Engineer) with a company called Automattic, a company that’s so different it’s hard to see a resemblance past the fact that they are […]