Now page archive: April – Sep 2020

NOW page archive: What we were up to in April, May and June 2020.

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  • Aug 24

    This past week was the first week where we could have what could be considered a “normal” routine: school back in session, working full time, no family weddings, and no guests. We’ve been in the new house now for three weeks and are starting to feel settled. Nice to just spend time in a new home of our own, get to know the neighbors, go on walks, kick the football around the back yard and enjoy each other’s company.


    Photo of a double rainbow

    • May 25

      Last week was a big one as it was our daughter’s seventh birthday. The lockdown continues in Scotland, so there was no big get together, but the constraint almost made it better as we got creative and had an amazing time regardless. It felt like Christmas morning all day, when you just spend time at home and kind of play continuously throughout.


      Outdoor painting set
    • May 19

      This past week things have seemed to start to finally feel like they are dragging here. We’re all (finally?) getting fed up a bit with each other and with the same scenery here. With the sunlight in abundance I’ve started to wake up a little earlier to do some writing and drawing in the early hours before running. This is forcing me to go to bed a bit earlier as well. Critical projects include perfecting cookie recipes, getting ready for my daughter’s 7th birthday, and finding new paths to walk. Life continues!


    • May 4

      We recently discovered (noticed?) that there was a trampoline out back behind our neighbors house and she told us we were welcome to use it. This is now the latest obsession for the kids and by proxy, my wife and I. Aside from that the drawing is increasing and holding steady each morning, and other than work and outdoor adventures there are not too many other projects happening. Lots of ideas though. 😉