Now: Jan 2020 – Apr 2020

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  • Week of Apr 27

    I’m loving bike riding and hanging out with the kids outside. I just bought us some kites to fly in windy Scotland, which we tried out this past weekend, and am eyeing getting a bike of my own, but leery of not having a bike store open to try one out and get advice on first. Ah well, living on the edge!


  • Week of Apr 20

    Spending a lot of time on the golf course these days (they’re parks!). Thinking about spring and books and schedules and how things aren’t very different really and is that weird? Wedding anniversary coming up.


  • Week of Apr 13

    β€œLet go or be dragged.”

    Zen Proverb

    Trying to relax and spend more time in different spaces, even just at the house. Going to try to make some homemade hummus and cook a few other vegetarian dishes. Seeking the outside as much as possible with the kids. Preferably on bikes. Side writing project right now is a summary of how I’ve been organizing myself between work and personal stuff throughout the last year.


  • Week of Apr 6

    Looking forward to each day. I’m getting lots of time with the kids and Kav everyday. With the kids this often means we just walk around outside and find new areas of the farm we never new existed. Kav and I fret a bit about the future and then we reminisce about the past. Life on the moon is good.

  • Week of Mar 30

    House move is on hold and it’s pretty pointless to look beyond the present instant, a fact which was at first disconcerting and anxiety inducing but has since given way to a kind of clarity that I’m enjoying a lot. Spending spare time making cookies, drawing and painting a lot, playing games (card, board and video), watching a few shows, reading books, cooking, going on walks and running. Lots of ways to pass the time and being present is easier in a way if you let it.


    A perfect scooter track.

  • Week of Mar 23

    Celebrated Kav’s birthday while the world was seeming to go crazier and becoming less certain. The antidote to the anxiety continues to be avoiding the news, playing games with the kids, and making things. Mainly drawings, ‘zines and crafts.


  • Week of Mar 16

    Everyone is freaking out for Kav’s birthday it seems. We’re looking forward to celebrating and being together with or without things being open. Continuing to stay healthy and look for ways to be useful and help others as much as we can is the goal. Work and life continue on.


  • Week of Mar 9

    Last week flew by but there was one big thing that we did: our 2019 US tax return! Ok, not that. Well yes, that too, but what was really noteworthy was that we put in an offer on a house. Trying to move things forward here with life in Scotland. Fingers crossed, we should find out soon.

    Ninja, ninja, rap!
  • Week of Mar 2

    Getting back to normal after a month with one of our favorite guests and a bit of touring around the country. Time for taxes, house hunting and Kav’s birthday. Bye for now Dad.


February 2020

  • Week of Feb 24

    Off to Islay for the week and hopefully away from or through this the crazy weather. There is probably no escape actually but we’ll try. Last week it rained, snowed, hailed, sleeted and was perfectly beautifully sunny, sometimes all within the same hour, and it was all conducted amongst/within gale force winds. Our saving grace was Netflix mixed with a healthy dose of painting and card playing (cribbage). Card games have been a forgotten pleasure.


  • Week of Feb 17

    After two major (named) winter storms in two consecutive weekends, the winter is dragging on us a bit. Playing tourist with my Dad, a visit to St Andrews and spending time together playing games with hot drinks is getting us through.


  • Week of Feb 10

    My Dad arrived last week from the States. The first time he’s ever been in Scotland (or outside the US)! Time to play tourist, which is no bother as Kav and I love sightseeing and have a long list of things we want to see anyway. First order of business is a castle (Doune was first) and then golf (St Andrews next week). Oh and he’s already seen the brunt of winter with Storm Ciara hitting last weekend and the possibility of snow on the way.

    This week Kav and I have been starting to weigh a big change in our house and how we’re living, and were explaining this to my Dad using the rationale that we like certain layouts because that’s what we’ve always had and what we’re used to. My Dad quickly pointed out that we might find that we like something different even more if we just tried it.

    Indeed, maybe we should.


    Doune castle expedition
  • Week of Feb 3

    We just replaced our tire on our car for the third time in 7 months! This farm road is killing the car. I blame these:

    Sam and Vivi started swimming practice in preparation for a big summer holiday we’re planning. Work continues on our next move and we’re soon to hosts a special guest for the month of Feb. More travel in February on the books!


  • Week of Jan 27

    After heading to Amsterdam, I’m now recovered and have some notes. I’ll be going back in the spring and next time I want to draw more. Kav and I are plotting our next move, literally. A shorter one this time, but still, we’re not where we want to be yet. Vivi is now stashing books and a night light under her pillow so she can stay up late (worse things there could be). Sam’s catching up quickly, but likes his sleep. He goes hard all day. Shouldn’t we all?

    – N